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The Terrorist State of Cuba Becomes Peace Negotiator For Terrorist Groups?


Hugo-Chavez-y-Fidel-CastroThere is a reason why the United States does not negotiate with Terrorists. Whenever  a government negotiates with terrorists, the end result is the legitimization of the terror organizations criminal actions, and more often time than not, leads to the terror group abandoning the peace agreement.

 The counsel on Foreign Affairs agrees, saying that negotiating with terrorists “can destabilize the negotiating governments’ political systems, undercut international efforts to outlaw terrorism, and set a dangerous precedent.”

 The country of Colombia, who has been fighting  the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) for more than 40 years, is currently engaged in negotiating a “peace” with the terror group. What is most interested with this negotiation is the intermediary that the two sides have entrusted to broker the peace- the Communist terrorist state of Cuba.

 The two sides are to resume negotiations in Havana, Cuba on April 22, and are expected to discuss the FARC’s political participation, illicit drug trafficking, and division of land property.

 What the Colombian government is doing is nothing less than initiating the surrender of the country’s sovereignty to a terror group that proven to be untrustworthy, as they have backed away from the negotiation tables countless of times over the past several decades.

 Colombia’s actions make the case for why governments should not negotiating with terrorists. Once the FARC is allowed to legitimately enter the political fray, it is only a matter of time before their ‘revolution spirit” is remobilized, but this time from within the country’s governmental infrastructure.

We have seen this happen in other countries- Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, Egypt and Libya.

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