Rubio and DeSantis Condemn Venezuelan Government’s “Brutal and Lethal Tactics”

Deadly protests calling for the resignation of socialist Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, continue as opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez was jailed on domestic terrorism charges against government.

Lopez demanded that protesters keep up the pressure and protests against Maduro, who is accused of corruption, as well human rights violations.

The Harvard educated, bilingual Lopez has been openly advocating for peaceful protests against Maduro’s alleged corruption, but the protest have led to the deaths of three protesters.

The protests in Venezuela have reached the shores of the United States, mainly in Miami, Florida, where protests in support of the Venezuelan “resistance” are scheduled for this week.

Many Venezuelan nationals already call South Florida home after escaping Hugo Chavez’s and Nicolas Maduro’s reign of terror in that embattled country.

Miami’s native son, Senator Marco Rubio has been an outspoken critic of Hugo Chavez, and now has taken aim at Maduro over the reported violence his government is accused of employing.

The world must wake up to what’s happening in Venezuela as the government’s unprecedented wave of repression is beating, jailing and even killing innocent Venezuelans, particularly its young people.

Courageous Venezuelans who want nothing more than a better future dictated by true democratic order deserve the American people’s solidarity.

“President Obama should condemn all violent reprisals by government-affiliated groups against peaceful student marches. The President and his administration should vigorously enforce all existing U.S. laws to identify and sanction individuals engaging in these human rights violations .

And I urge the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to swiftly approve the Global Human Rights Act pending before it, as a means of countering threats against individual freedoms in places like Venezuela.

“Nicolás Maduro and his thugs should know that the world is watching, and that they will be held accountable for their cruelty and violations of human rights.

The people of Venezuela have suffered long enough and, as they continue taking to the streets in peaceful protest, I stand with them and against the Venezuelan government’s brutal and lethal tactics. Our condolences go out to the families who have lost their loved ones during this unsettling time.”-Sen. Marco Rubio (R)

Freshman Congressman Ron DeSantis (R), who sits on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, also took issue with the socialist government’s crackdown on dissidents.

“The corrupting effects of socialism have destroyed the Venezuelan economy and have limited freedom and opportunity for her people.

I condemn President Maduro for the violent suppression of peaceful protests, a technique of repression that he learned from his mentors in the Castro regime. Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right, and I stand with the people of Venezuela as they work to create a better future.”-Rep. Ron DeSantis (R)

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