Illegal Immigrant Children Are Going ‘Back to School’

For hundreds of children that recently passed over the U.S. border illegally, Monday will be their first day of school. Where are a majority of them being placed? In Charlotte-Mecklenburg, North Carolina elementary, middle and high schools. Yes, you read that right.

Whereas they are hoping for a new life and to avoid deportation, the rest of us are shaking our heads in confusion.

That is exactly what Eduardo (last name omitted intentionally) is doing. He first came to America legally in 1974 from Lima, Peru. It took him twelve long years to finally receive his citizenship and he had the following to say about the situation: “I believe that anyone who comes here illegally is breaking the law… In my opinion everyone should come here legally. The people that just came here should not be legalized.”

Unfortunately a lot of Democratic lawmakers do not agree with people like Eduardo. As we reported earlier this month Congressman Joe Garcia (D-FL) said the influx of illegal immigrant children into the United States “is not a burden on our local school board” or “a burden on our local government.”

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) does not agree with Eduardo either. Fox Nation reported she said “this isn’t about politics at all. It’s not about politics for the president, nor is it about politics for any of us who care… They (illegals) essentially have become the backbone of our economy.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we know it is about politics and we know it is going to be a substantial burden on taxpayers.  When are they going to start listening to the American public?

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Nicole Sanders
Nicole Sanders

Nicole Sanders is a thirty three year old CEO and Executive Vice President at KHart Consulting, LLC. She graduated magna cum laude from Ashford University with a major in political science and minor in business. Her campaign experience includes a former role as President of Democrats for Chris Christie, Communications Director for Rickards for Senate, Executive Director for Cullari for US Congress and Co-founder of the Garden State Liberty PAC. In her spare time she was a contributor for NJ's leading conservative blog, SaveJersey.com. She was best known for her featured weekly column entitled "Meet the Candidates". Every week she would interview candidates across the state in an effort to bring awareness to the voting public.

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