World Cup Update: USA and Ecuador Impress


In the middle of all of the FIFA scandals, there is still World Cup Soccer to be played. This year it’s the women’s turn. The tournament which is projected to be dominated by favorites Germany, defending champions Japan, and perennial power house USA, is one where the hispanic countries are hoping to make a big splash like they did in the Brazil World Cup

Yesterday, the United States of America looked impressive in a second half display which saw them beat out their Australian competition. Australia is ranked 10th in the World, making the Lady Yank’s 3-1 victory that much more impressive.

Ecuador impressed as well, but for the wrong reasons. It was impressive how badly they performed against 53rd ranked Cameroon. Ecuador was defeated 6-0, and gave up three goals in the space of 6 minutes right at the stroke of half time.

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Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Spain have yet to open play in the tournament.


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