Rep. Gutierrez: “I’m Not Sure Bernie Sanders Likes Immigrants”

On a Thursday interview with Larry King, Democrat representative from Illinois, Luis Gutierrez, took a shot at “socialist” Bernie Sanders, who is currently in a distant second place in the polls for the democrat nomination.

Gutierrez seemed pretty happy with a Clinton or O’Malley nomination, but Bernie Sanders who apparently “doesn’t talk about immigrants” might not please the congressman. Watch the clip below.

Watch Clip Here


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A veteran of the United States Army, an immigrant from Venezuela, and the former communications director for a major Conservative organization, Joel Frewa bring his passion for politics and international affairs to Hispolitica. Over 20 years removed from his native land of Venezuela, Joel Frewa continues to advocate for freedom and liberty in Venezuela and in the United States. Joel is a gradute of the U.S. Army’s Combat Medic School, and Florida International University.

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