Will Castro Run FIFA?


As if FIFA needed even more controversy in the  middle of the ongoing corruption scandals and investigations, Diego Armando Maradona has announced his candidacy for FIFA president, at the suggestion of Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro.

Maradona who has been involved in numerous drug and cheating scandals in the past is a close friend of Fidel Castro and Maduro, as well as a close friend of former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez. Maradona, who is best known for cheating his way to a 2-0 victory over England in the 1986 World Cup with his “hand of God” will stand for election to replace embattled Sepp Blatter who announced his resignation earlier this month.

In the 1994 World Cup, Maradona was kicked out of the tournament for a positive drug test, and has been under heavy fire multiple times for multiple drug offenses. He is also a strong proponent of Socialist and communist policies and an avid fan of murderer Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

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While it may be a long shot, it would he hard to see a Maradona FIFA presidency without strong Cuban and Venezuelan influence.


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