Venezuelans Jailed for Anti-Regime Tweets


Over the past 11 months, at least 8 people have been jailed in Venezuela, according to Fox News Latino. The arrests come as street confrontations between students demanding free speech and government forces have been raging for years.

Fox News lists the arrested opposition:

Lessi Marcano (48), Ginette Hernández (23), Leonel Sánchez (47), Víctor Ugas (26), and Inés González (31) are locked up in El Helicoide, a Caracas prison guarded by intelligence personnel of the SEBIN (Bolivarian Service of National Intelligence).

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The embattled country with the worst inflation rate in the world, does not seem to be heading for greener pastures anytime soon. The Obama administration has begun the process of a “diplomatic thaw” as it has done with Cuba; both close Iranian allies.


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