Republicans At Odds Over Immigration Reform

 It is clear that the field of Republican presidential candidates is split on how to deal with the ongoing and growing illegal immigration problem.

Trump wants to deport all of the illegal immigrants in the U.S., while Carson says deporting all illegals is “impractical” and would rather see them all receive guest-worker status.

While Rubio and Jeb Bush have been criticized for having a softer, more “caring” approach to immigration reform, Senator Cruz and others believe that the U.S. needs to aggressively address the illegal immigration problem and deport those who have broken U.S. immigration law.

With so many Americans agreeing that the situation along the U.S. southern border needs to be fixed, and illegal immigration needs to be curtailed, will more of the 16 Republican presidential candidates begin to move towards a harder line approach to illegal immigration?

All the Republicans presidential hopefuls are saying that the border needs to be secured first, but once the border is secured, then what?


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