Obama and Hillary too Moderate for Democrats


As if Obama and Hillary had not made the leftist regimes in Latin America happy enough yet, the rank and file of the Democrat party are giving the Castro brothers and their allies even more hope. Newly minted candidates Martin O’Malley and self avowed socialist Bernie Sanders are drawing overflow crowds to their campaign events in Iowa.

But are these crowds for the candidates due to Clinton fatigue, or is it because they want a candidate that represents how far left the party has actually gone?

68 year old Tom Reid told RadioIowa:

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I thought I was voting for a liberal when I voted for Obama and we ended up with Bush Lite and I don’t want any more of it. I want a Democrat from the Democratic Party with Democratic values and I just don’t think Hillary is committed to that. I think she’s a corporatist. She’s a globalist…I hope he yanks her to the left

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But if the Democrat faithful in the heartland turn toward O’Malley or Sanders, will Latinos follow? Many in the hispanic community regard O’Malley as a stronger ally of illegal immigrants than Hillary.

Kim Propeack of CASA de Maryland told NBC news:

Martin O’Malley, in his history as governor of Maryland, has been a real hero for the immigrant community. He not only supported many groundbreaking reforms in the state, he also became a national spokesperson for immigrant families and their human rights, especially the unaccompanied minors who arrived in droves on the border last year.

Perhaps a leftist shift in the Democrat primary may attract the illegal immigration wing, but it may have a devastating effect in Florida, a state that democrats will need to win to retain the White House, as the democrat field begins to sound more and more like Latin American “21st century socialists”.

Gabriela Meinhardt, a Venezuelan political exile in Miami, told Hispolitica:

For the Venezuelan community, the Democrats are the left. How is it possible that I struggled and fought to leave Venezuela because of the Maduro regime, yet Hillary’s campaign speech sounds exactly the same as Maduro’s?”

As the race continues to heat up, and Hispanics become a bigger and more prominent part of the electorate, it will be interesting to watch if the immigration issue takes a backseat to the issues that made hispanics migrate in the first place.