Ben Carson Supports Pathway to Citizenship For Foreign Guest Workers


Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson recently addressed the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO) NALEO , a group that is considered by many conservatives as being one that promotes amnesty for illegal aliens, as they push a pro-Latino agenda that echoes the Democrat Party’s voter intimidation and discrimination talking points, as well as “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Dr. Carson, who referred the U.S. as a “compassionate nation” while addressing the conference, spoke exclusively with Spanish-Language TV network Univision, saying that he supports immigration reform, adding that the influx of illegal needed to be stopped.

Carson proposed sealing the U.S. border and cutting of the incentives that spur on illegal immigration, but also said  that supports “illegal immigrants be allowed to become guest workers,” as well as be given the opportunity to later on become permanent residents