Bush Embraces Hispanics, Asks Republicans To Follow His Lead


Former Governor Jeb Bush becomes the first 2016 presidential candidate to call for Republicans to embrace the Hispanic and African-American communities.

While Bush’s position supporting pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrations is highly unpopular with the Republican voting base, his message of embracement of Hispanics is correct, because the long-standing Republican “outreach” message has proven to be a failed proposition.

“I’m running to draw people toward our cause rather than push them away…”Our message has to be uplifting, positive, hopeful, rather than negative (and) divisive.”-Jeb Bush (Fox Latino)

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Embracing Hispanics does not mean a full-throated support, or any kind of support of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

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These immigrants-illegal or not- are here, and they are not going anywhere. Instead of threatening to deport them all, Republicans need to convey the message to all Hispanics that U.S. laws need to be respected and kept, and call for more personal responsibility and accountability, as well as explain that the border issue is a national security issue.

Republicans need to take heed on this issue. President Obama may still grant full-blanket amnesty for the millions of illegals currently residing in the United States.

If that happens, Democrats will be primed to pick-up support from big swaths of these newly minted legal residents, which would lead to Republicans losing future elections.


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