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Rep. Escobar surfs rainbow wave over Trump’s wall

The 116th congress is seeing many new faces. Amidst the new batch of representatives is Veronica Escobar, the newly elected representative of Texas’ 16th district, and she received quite the welcome in D.C. from progressives.

A group called the Rainbow Wave Serenade greeted her, saying that they were visiting “the coolest offices… to encourage you,” and they vowed to “have your back while you push for a bold aggressive agenda.”

Then, serenading Escobar with “We Welcome you to Washington,” which carries the tune of “We Wish you a Merry Christmas,” the choir sang:

We welcome you to Washington

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We welcome you to Washington

We welcome you to Washington

We’re so glad you’re here

We share progressive values

We share progressive values

We share your progressive values

And came here to cheer

And, considering the current battle for funding Trump’s wall, the serenade also chimed:

We welcome fellow immigrants

We welcome fellow immigrants

We welcome fellow immigrants

And hate racist walls!

Hispolitica caught up with Congresswoman Escobar after the welcoming cheer, and she shared her thoughts on the wall and what possible plans might look like moving forward.

In terms of whether or not both sides of the argument will find common ground, Congresswoman Escobar explained that “Many of us who are new members came in wanting to help shape our appropriations because our budgets are a reflection of our values… The vast majority of us who are incoming members voted for a Republican set of resolutions to reopen the government, passed by the Senate. That was our compromise. We didn’t fight for what we wanted. We said our priority is reopening the government and getting back to work… That was our compromise coming in.”

She added, “I’m hoping that there will be senators who voted for exactly what we supported in the House – in a bipartisan manner – I’m hoping that they will have the courage to say to their party ‘let’s reopen the government. Let’s support what we have supported in the past. If we have to override a veto, let’s do it. But, this is a terrible hill for them to die on.”

When asked if she thought Democrats could compromise a bit and give Trump some flexibility with funding for the wall, Escobar responded that her concern is that “if we were to acquiesce now… this would essentially be the beginning of a pattern instead of the end of one. He would know and understand that he could hold American federal employees hostage… we know walls don’t work, they don’t stop drugs, they don’t stop migration, they don’t help us address the challenges that we’re really facing, so for us to be asked to compromise on $5 billion of precious resources that aren’t solving any problems just so that we can give someone who is throwing a temper tantrum what he wants – that means that we’ll do it every single time.”

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