GA Sen. Isakson Slams Trump Over McCain Comments


During the 2016 Presidential election, President Donald Trump was embroiled in a feud with Republican Arizona Senator John McCain. The two traded political jabs, and it was well known that the two had opposing views even in having to work together. However, after the Arizona Senator’s death, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle regrouped during divisive times and remembered McCain’s service to the country as both a lawmaker and a veteran. And, no word of the feud between the Senator and President was ever mentioned again.

Now, the feud has been rekindled, and President Trump has made his views known, recently speaking at a rally and telling the crowd that he had “to be honest. I’ve never liked him much.”

In response, Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson is now slamming the President for his comments on Senator John McCain, saying that the President’s words are “deplorable.”