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Colombia’s Ongoing War on Terror Could Reach Capitol HIll


farc While both Colombia and the U.S. stand to gain from the 2012 free trade agreement passed by the U.S. Congress, Colombia continues to struggle with a decades-long war against Leftists and paramilitary forces within the country.

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), which is considered a terrorist organization by Colombia and the United States, has been employing terrorist tactics against the Colombian government and are the top drug traffickers in the region.

First established as the military component of the Colombian Communist Party, the FARC has resorted to kidnapping, a practice that even their one time ally and friend, deceased Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had to condemn.

Chavez once recognized the FARC-EP as a legitimate army.

But with the FARC continuing to terrorize and kill Colombians, will more outside military intervention be needed to neutralize the terrorist organization’s inhumane actions?

According to Caracol TV, “two people died and six were wounded in a shooting attack on the FARC in northern Colombia, apparently when a group of vehicles stopped at a roadblock put up by the guerrillas, officials said Wednesday.”

A Colombian military offiicial said that the guerrillas just stepped onto the road at around 7:30pm and started shooting indiscriminately.”

“Salieron sobre la vía de Codazzi hacia Las Flores (Cesar, norte) a eso de las 7:30 de la noche (hora local de ayer, 00:30 GMT) disparando de forma indiscriminada contra la población civil impactando un taxi en el cual iban”, indicó. – Univision

The ongoing violence between the Colombian government and leftist guerrillas/drug dealers in Colombia will eventually make its way towards Washington,D.C., as greater numbers of Colombians seeking political asylum in the U.S. begin to become a more prominent voice against the FARC and its collaborators.

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