(VIDEO): Venezuelan President claims Hugo Chavez appeared to him in the form of a bird



maduroThe Venezuelan presidential election, called after the confirmed death of strongman Hugo Chávez, is in full swing. The ruling United Socialist Venezuelan Party kicked off its 10-day campaign at a chat session/rally held at the Chávez family compound in Barinas. Watch as Caretaker President Nicolás Maduro describes today’s encounter with Chávez, who came in the form of a bird and urged his acolyte to victory.

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  There was a large photo of him.
  There was a statuette of
José Gregorio Hernández, and a Christ.
  Suddenly, a small bird flew in.
And he flew over me three times.
  He landed on a wooden beam over here,
and he began to sing.
  A song there…(it was) pretty.
  I looked at him…and I sang back at him.
I said, “if you sing at me, I’ll sing at you”.
  And so I sang.
  The little bird looked at me kind of funny,
sang a little, flew around me for a bit, and left.
  I felt his spirit…I felt him as though
he were giving us his blessing…saying to us,
  “Today the battle begins.”
  “Go forth to victory, you have our blessings”.
  That’s what I felt in my soul,
and that’s what I feel…
  the same as what you felt, Jorge.