It’s OK To Refer to Black Hispanics As "Afro-Latino"


Cid Wilson
Cid Wilson


Fox Latino has coined a new term for Hispanics who happened to have a darker complexion than the other “white Hispanics” and “brown people.” The new term is “Afro-Latino,” and  I am utterly disappointed in myself for coming up with this term.

In the Shark Tank post, “The Hispanic Color Wheel, From White to Brown,” I gave examples of Hispanic public figures whose skin color ranged from white to black. CNN first came out with the term “white Hispanic” to describe George Zimmerman during Trayvon Martin shooting trial, in an effort to help fuel the racial divide. Instead of just calling Zimmerman a Hispanic, by inserting “white” into the mix, it was just what the race-baiter needed to give them the green light to spew racism.