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Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate "Browns It Up" For Votes

The Tanned one

The Tanned one


You really can’t make this up. Fox Latino, the news group that brought us the term “Afro-Latinos” is reporting that Phoenix businessman Fred DuVal, a Democrat, who just happens to be running for Governor in Arizona, “browned up” a photo of himself in an attempt to appeal to those “brown people” commonly known as Hispanics.

 It is obvious that Mr. DuVal did not read Hispolitica’s “The Hispanic Color Wheel, From White to Brown” story that explains how Hispanics do not all look alike. In other words, Hispanics don’t all have brown skin.

 Remember, in addition to “Afro- Latinos,” we now have “white Hispanics,” courtesy of CNN’s coverage of the Trayvon Martin shooting trial. Then we have Congressman Alan Grayson (D), who continues to refer to Hispanics as “brown people.” Mr. DuVal needs to get with the program here, and put out more images of himself that depict the  different shades of Hispanic brown.

 In his “down with brown” picture, DuVal looks more orange than brown. This triggers the image of then 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry’s famous campaign orange-glow.

kerry tan

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