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FL Governor Rick Scott Pulling Back Throttle On Common Core Education Standards

I told the federal government we are rejecting their overreach into our state education system by withdrawing from PARCC.-Gov. Rick Scott

That was Florida Governor Rick Scott’s statement back in September 2012, after being inundated with grassroots pressure to abandon his support for Common Core, and the federal education standards testing that went along with it.

Prior to his statement, Scott had signaled that he could have a change in mind over Common Core, as he told the Shark Tank that he did indeed support the education proposal, just not the data mining involved in gathering student information.

Just a couple weeks after Scott pushed back on Common Core data mining, Senator Marco Rubio sent shockwaves around the state and country when he told the Shark Tank he opposed Common Core, which was then followed by State Representative Debbie Mayfield (R) introduction of a bill to stop Common Core in Florida.

And I am very concerned, and quite frankly opposed to any effort to try to create some sort of national curriculum standard and then try to leverage the power of the federal government’s funding to force states to adopt a certain curriculum standard. State and local levels are the best places to come up with curriculum reform, and its something the federal government shouldn’t be deeply involved in.-Senator Marco Rubio

The anti-Common Core sentiment seems to have grown legs within Florida’s Republican ranks, as the Republican Party of Florida’s state committeemen and committeewomen supported a resolution opposing the Common Core standards, at the Party’s annual meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Now Scott is backtracking a bit more, by saying that he would support legislation coming out of the Republican-led state legislature that would limit data mining, and specify education curriculum to be a “local responsibility.”

“Here’s what we’re going to ensure: These are Florida standards,” he said. “They’re not some national standards; they’re going to be Florida standards. This is our state. We’re not going to have the federal government telling us how to do our education system-Rick Scott (Daytona News Journal)

Only time will tell, as to how this Common Core issue unfolds, considering all of the moving parts involved, Scott’s re-election this year, and former Governor Jeb Bush’s influence and support of Common Core.

Bush has been the driving force behind the national Common Core movement, and will be hell-bent to see it not implemented to some degree in his home state of Florida.

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