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Venezuelan’s Protest in Miami

Just one day after Barack Obama officially removed Cuba from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list, Venezuelan’s all over the world gathered to protest the repression of their rights and political imprisonments in the country that is Cuba’s closest ally.

Exiled Venezuelan political leaders took to a hastily made stage in from of the statue of Simon Bolivar in Bayfront park in Miami to denounce the repressive practices of the Maduro Regime, which has provided Cuba with billions of dollars in free oil.

Some of the over 200 Venezuelans gathered in Miami, also had strong opinions about the Obama administration’s new found love toward the Cuban dictatorship. Barbara Melaz told Hispolitica:

We are standing with brave Venezuelans in Caracas and all over the world. We want liberty and our rights. We want the American government to stop rewarding Cuba for doing nothing but help press our people.

Venezuelan political prisoner Leopoldo Lopez remains on a hunger strike until the government announces a date for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Venezuela.

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