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Maduro Claims Colombia ex-president Uribe Linked to Murder

Yesterday, Venezuelan Dictator Nicolas Maduro linked the popular former president of Colombia, and fierce political rival of Hugo Chaves, Alvaro Uribe, to the murder of Venezuelan representative Robert Sierra.

Sierra was assassinated in 2014, and Maduro in claiming that Julio Velez, right hand man to the former president, was the intellectual author of the murder.

I ask for the entire country and institutions of justice, to give all relevant data and information to the Colombian authorities to aid in his capture… This murder is directly linked to the Colombian right wing.

Maduro of course has no proof of this claim, and as is his style, will continue to make outlandish claims against current and former political opponents to give off the impression of impropriety and distract from his own corrupt shortcomings.

H/T: @InfoVzlaNet

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