The Path To Citizenship Truth Slips Out


In a rare moment of bi-partisan clarity, MSNBC host Chris Matthews let the cat our of the bag as to why Democrats are so bent over a path to citizenship as a part of any immigration reform effort. During an interview with former New York City mayor Rudy Gulliani, Chris Matthews let it slip that:

Republicans want cheap labor, Democrats want votes.

Now, I know some illegal immigrants, I’m sure that many of you know some illegal immigrants, or maybe you are in the United States illegally. We all know, damn well, that those who are here illegally, for the most part, could care less about a pathway to citizenship. They truly just want some kind of legal status. As the New York Times reports, the naturalization rate among legal immigrants is only 36%

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So this myth that immigrants don’t want to be second class citizens, it complete and utter hogwash. First, those who are here legally and are not citizens, as that 64% that in the NYT report, do not consider themselves second class citizens. Legal residency does not a second class citizen make.

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So, the cat is out of the bag. Both Democrats and Republicans are taking advantage of the immigration issue and the immigrants who are here illegally. Republicans for cheap labor for the business lobby, and Democrats want their votes. Nothing more, nothing less.