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Bush: “I’m Hurt” by Trump Comments

Jeb Bush broke out the Spanish again. This time during an interview with MSNBC. In the interview Bush said:

“I was hurt hearing somebody speaking in such a vulgar fashion. This makes solving this problem much more difficult. When we have politicians like that we cannot progress. In a political sense it was bad, and it creates an environment that is worse.”

According to Breitbart news:

“People are deeply disaffected. They’re angry. They see the country kind of moving away from its foundational principles. They see the rule of law not being applied,” Bush told Yahoo News earlier in July. “They see here in San Francisco, a sanctuary city, where a person who had been deported five times commits a violent crime—he should have been in prison to begin with—and was released, and this city does not cooperate with ICE. They see this stuff and they’re legitimately angry.”

All of the republican presidential candidates seem to be struggling to find an answer to Mr. Trump’s brash and unapologetic style, while remaining inside the political box. Do you think they will be able to?

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