Senators Unite to go After Iranian Regime’s Finances


South Florida Senator Marco Rubio joined Texas Senator Ted Cruz this week in unveiling the “Blocking Iranian Illicit Finance Act,” which seeks to “counter the Iranian regime’s money laundering and financing of terrorism, protect the global financial system from Iranian illicit finance, and impose maximum financial pressure on Iran.”

Criticizing the Iranian regime last week, Rubio commented that “This important legislation would empower the United States and our like-minded allies to do more to end the Iranian government’s ability to illicitly finance its dangerous efforts to sponsor terrorism and militancy, to advance its nuclear and missile programs, to egregiously abuse human rights in Iran and abroad, and to suppress the Iranian people’s aspirations for self-determination. I look forward to working with fellow lawmakers and the administration to enact this legislation and fully implement the maximum pressure against the regime in Tehran.”

In addition, Senator Ted Cruz also slammed the Iranian regime, but he focused more on the controversial nuclear deal made during the Obama administration.