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Scott willing to sponsor DACA bill in senate

The “Battle at the Border” has dominated the news media as Republicans and Democrats look to find common ground to get the government fully up and running again. President Trump and Republicans are asking for funding to strengthen border security, but Democrats are not convinced on the effectiveness of the wall.

As a Senator for the sunshine state, Senator Scott finds himself jumping on board in the midst of the Government shut down and, in an interview with the Floridian, Senator Scott outlined some important things he’d like to get done as a Florida senator.

Scott comes into office wanting to know how to “fix the national economy “because that’s good for Florida” and stressing that “we need term limits. If you can’t get a budget passed, then why are you getting paid?”

He also asked how government could work better, saying that “we shouldn’t be having shut downs. We shouldn’t be fighting over something that’s logical like border security.”

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Sitting on numerous committees that include Commerce, Budgeting and Armed Services, one important committee that he’ll be contributing a voice to is Homeland Security. It should be noted that Homeland Security is dealing with the current crisis at the border, with immigration concerns and with issues pertaining to FEMA.

When asked what role he wanted to play on the committee, Senator Scott assured that “we need to have border security. We need to have an immigration policy that makes sense”

“We need to make sure we fully fund FEMA. We need to make sure that our Government is not wasting your tax dollars,” Scott said, adding ,”we need to take care of the DACA kids.”

Although the national immigration discussion has largely centered on the incoming caravan in the last few months, DACA students have been a focal point concerning immigration and what their status will be moving forward.

Scott was asked what he meant by having “to take care of the DACA kids,” and he expressed that “they ought to have the ability to stay here. They didn’t violate the law. Their parents brought them here… They ought to have the opportunity to stay here.”

When asked if he would cosponsor or sponsor legislation granting them a pathway to citizenship, Senator Scott enthusiastically assured “Yeah, absolutely.”

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