Florida Senator slams Maduro for medically blackmailing voters


Dictator Nicolas Maduro has faced heavy criticism in recent weeks as lawmakers around the world are not only condemning the Maduro regime for its oppressive communist dictatorship, but lawmakers in the United States have also been vocal about wanting Maduro to step down as President of Venezuela.


Today, grim news has been released showing that Cuban doctors sent to Venezuela to aid in Venezuela’s medical system were told by the Maduro regime to coerce people that were sick and in need of medical assistance to vote for Maduro.


One Doctor. Yasnier Arias, recounts a story where a 65-year-old patient was in need of oxygen because he had entered the clinic with heart failure. Though an oxygen tank was in another room and ready to use, Arias explained that his superiors told him not to use the tank at that time and to instead use it closer to the election, which was part of a strategy to urge patients to vote for Maduro’s reelection.


On Twitter, Republican Florida Senator Rick Scott shared the New York Times article that goes in-depth on the calamity that Venezuelan’s are facing. This form of blackmail is something the Senator called “outrageous, inhumane and disgusting.”