Beto O’Rourke implies support for third-trimester abortions


Since announcing his Presidential run earlier this month, Texas Congressman Beto O’ Rourke has positioned himself as a favorite among Democrat voters, but controversial past remarks and actions have clouded his campaign as fast as he’s risen in popularity.

At a campaign event in Cleveland, Ohio, Beto was questioned about third-trimester abortions, and he responded to the question by answering that “that should be a decision that the woman makes. I trust her.”

These comments come a week after Democrats blocked a bill in the Senate that would have required doctors to provide medical care to newborn babies after Governor Northam, controversial Governor of Virginia, made comments about a child possibly being killed after being born. Northam caused a debate over the ethics and morality of the issue at hand, and polls show that over 80% of Americans are against third trimester abortions.