Sen. Scott slams rep. Crist for secret Cuba meeting


Florida Senator Rick Scott (R) is slamming Florida rep. Charlie Crist (D) after a reported secret trip to Cuba to meet with members of the Castro regime.

Florida Republicans have been critical of the Castro regime, and they have also blasted the Maduro regime in Venezuela. So, a secret meeting with Castro regime members raises suspicion, and the Florida Senator wants answers.

In a statement on Crist’s trip to Cuba, Senator Scott commented that “over the last few months, many of us have stood up for the people of Venezuela and supported their fight for freedom and democracy. Nicolas Maduro is carrying out a genocide on his people in large part because of the support he’s receiving from the brutal Castro regime.”

Scott continued by describing that “Congressman Crist’s secret trip to Cuba is an absolute disgrace. He hobnobbed with killers while the money he and any staff spent in Havana was sent to Caracas to keep Maduro and his brutal regime in power.”

Calling for more transparency, Senator Scott urged rep. Christ to “immediately tell the people of Florida how much taxpayer money was spent on this trip.”

Moreover, Scott also noted that “the people of Venezuela are crying out for freedom from the oppression of Maduro and his Cuban puppet masters. We should be standing with them, not with the people oppressing them.”

Florida Senator Marco Rubio (R) also weighed in on Crist’s trip, noting on twitter that even if people do not see eye-to-eye on Cuba with Trump, the trip was still “tone deaf” with “terrible timing.”

In late April, Juan Guaido called for the “last phase” of “Operation Freedom” to take place, which resulted in an attempted coup. This was divisive among U.S. lawmakers. While many Republican lawmakers supported the move, Democratic Socialist lawmakers rejected it.

Rubio, who has been critical of both the Castro and Maduro regime, expressed that Crist’s trip is harmful because “the Cuban regime is a major reason Maduro is still in a position to abuse on the people of Venezuela.”

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