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Former Vice President Joe Biden is smoking the 2020 field of Democratic presidential candidates.

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Now Biden has his wife, Dr. Jill Biden out there stumping for her handsy husband”

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Again and again people have said to me, “Joe is the one who can move us forward—Joe is the one who can bring us together. We need him.” I agree – let’s do this! –Dr. Jill Biden

Meanwhile, Biden is touching all of the necessary voter groups needed to win his party’s nomination, including Teamsters’s and catering to the pro-Illegal immigration lobby, calling out the recent child deaths along the U.S. southern border.

“Over the last year, six children have tragically died in US custody at the border. It’s unacceptable. It’s not who we are. And silence is complicity. It’s on all of us to stand up and speak out. America is a nation of immigrants. We must guarantee everyone’s treated with dignity.”

The others:

Kamala Harris is pushing equality for women and food. Harris apparently has an herb garden (so do I) and is an avid cook at home.

Cory Booker is accusing Trump and Pence of leading a “coordinated” attack against women’ rights. Seems like the “Heartbeat” bill movement is all Trump’s fault.

Bernie Sanders wants “year-round, universal school meals” for children,” adding that “all students must have access to healthy school meals.”

Elizabeth Warren-cosponsors pro-Abortion bill that will ‘enshrine’ Roe vs. Wade into federal law.

Pete Buttigieg says “the majority of Americans” support Abortion. Huh?

Julian Castro reiterates that his presidential campaign refuses PAC, corporate and lobbyist dollars. He goes further, saying that oil, gas, and cole execs will have their checks returned also.

Eric Swalwell takes shot at Trumps, says “Warton called. They want their diplhoma back.”

Trump hits Pelosi hit with “doctored” video by HISPOLITICA

President Trump recently tweeted a video compilation of Speaker Pelosi (D) “stammering” through a press conference, leaving some political pundits to question whether the aging process is in some way compromising her ability to lead.

In the video, Pelosi is seen holding up two fingers while stating “the three things.”


Senate passes anti-robocall bill, Rand Paul sole ‘No’ vote

Tired of receiving that pesky unsolicited robocall when you are trying to was reruns of the Golden Girls, or you favorite Netflix program?

Well, the U.S. Senate just passed the TRACED ACT by a vote margin of 97-1, and are now hoping the the House will follow their lead and vote in favor of the robocall measure. Sen. Rand Paul was the only “No” vote.


‘Moderate’ Senate Democrats continue working with Trump by HISPOLITICA

Congressional Democrats are hard-pressed to find some reason to impeach President Donald Trump, and don’t appear to want to work with him on just about any issue.

The argument can be made that if Democrats work work with Trump, or even give him one ounce of praise, the president will use it against them to win re-election in 2020. READ MORE

Cruz, Senate Republicans permanently ban earmarks by HISPOLITICA

After winning back the U.S. House of Representatives in 2018, congressional Democrats vowed to bring back earmarks, but that appears to now be dashed by the Senate Republican Conference.

Republicans in the senate voted 28-12 to permanently ban earmarks in both chambers of Congress because any earmark coming up in the House would be shot down in the Senate. READ MORE

House Democrats Approve Immigration Reform Bills by The Floridian’s Daniel Molina The Democratic-led House of Representatives has just passed the “Dream and Promise and Venezuelan TPS” measure in the House Judiciary, a move that will only further the existing divide in the congress over immigration reform. Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell is all over thisREAD MORE

CBS Poll Shows Americans Give Trump Credit on Economy by The Floridian’s Daniel Molina

In a new CBS News poll concerning President Trump and the economy, Americans show that they are happy with the state of the economy, and they also attribute some of the success to President Trump.

It’s reported that 7 in 10 Americans note that the economy and their own financial situation are in good shape, and a quarter say that the economy is very good.


Avenatti Indicted on Stealing From Stormy Daniels by The Floridian’s Daniel Molina

Michael Avenatti, controversial celebrity lawyer, has been indicted on charges of stealing from his former client Stormy Daniels by illegally taking money from her book deal to write a memoir detailing an alleged sexual affair with President Trump.


What your politicians are saying:

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is supporting Florida AG Fried’s willingness to stop a proposed ‘Heartbeat’ bill in the Florida legislature that is modeled after Alabama’s bill.

Matt Gaetz is poking at Democrats, suggesting that quite a few of them could use some “couch time” with TV’s Dr. Phil.

Ted Deutch is saying, ‘it’s about time’ the Senate passed disaster relief funding. Senate Democrats blocked the measure just a couple months ago.

Ted Yoho is pointing out that House Democrats have refused 50 times to pass legislation that would end infanticide.

Debbie Mucarsel-Powell has just announced that she will be hold a series of townhall meetings throughout her congressional district. DMP is also accusing the recent Tax reform law of hurting Americans, including Gold Star families

SMOKE UP –Medical marijuana use in workers comp looms: Panel

CHICAGO — The landscape for the use of medical marijuana and cannabinoids is changing in workers compensation, and it’s likely that more insurers will be required to pay for this in the near future, experts say.

At the 2019 CLM Workers Compensation Conference Wednesday in Chicago, panelists shared their differing perspectives on the use of marijuana and CBD in the workers comp space and how this may change as states consider new legislation on the medical and recreational use of marijuana.

Dr. Carlos Giron, CEO physician of the Pain Institute of Georgia in Macon, Georgia, said he was skeptical of the use of medical marijuana and CBD to treat pain. However, when patients in his practice — about 90% of whom are workers comp claimants — began obtaining their own CBD products from friends and family in states where it was legal and rejecting prescriptions for more traditional medications, he took notice.

“I started to see an opportunity to use this to improve patients’ safety, and the results I’ve seen as a physician … have been nothing short of remarkable,” he said.


It finally happened– Senate Democrats have finally agreed to fund disaster relief efforts, opening the door for Georgians, Floridians, and Puerto Ricans to receive much needed aid READ MORE

What your politicians are saying:

Gov. Brian Kemp announces the creation of a new Human Trafficking Prosecution Team to combat the epidemic.

Sen. David Perdue is bringing home the bacon for Georgia farmers, working with the Trump administration in evening the “playing field with China.

“The last 5 presidents have ignored this trade imbalance, and our farmers understand that @POTUS is fighting to create a level playing field. If China can ship rice here, the U.S. should be able to ship rice there.”

Rep. Hank Johnson along with the entire House Democratic Caucus, pass DACA legislation to help DREAMERS.

Rep. Doug Collins lands a body blow to Chairman Jerry Nadler:

“Chaiman Nadler says Mueller is reluctant to testify because “he doesn’t want to participate in anything that he might regard as a political spectacle.” Why would the special counsel think the House Judiciary Committee has devolved into a stage for political spectacle?”


The Senate Republican Conference voted to permanently ban earmarks in the U.S. Congress. Texas Senator Ted Cruz was neck deep in this. READ MORE

Rep. Veronica Escobar continues to push the Pelosi “cover up” narrative against President Trump. Escobar asked the president to guarantee “no more” unreported migrant deaths have occured.

Sen. John Cornyn ‘s efforts to pass disaster relief funding has paid off for Texas. $4.4billion will now be going to help Texans recover from Hurricane Harvey

Gov. Greg Abbott (R) will be working overtime this weekend and will be delivering remarks at the Texas Legislature’s Fallen Heroes Memorial Ceremony on Saturday.

Rep. Joaquin Castro (D) appeared on MSNBC to assert that Trump is currently threatening federal law enforcement agents, if they were to investigate him.

Rep. Ben Crenshaw (R) pushed bipartisan support for SECURE ACT, even after Democrats stripped “important education savings provisions.” from the bill.

Ruben defends Pelosi, but how far he actually go before that support bites back?

Arizona Congressman Ruben Gallego (D) called the video “fake” and “doctored” in order to “make the Speaker look slow and stammering.”

Gallego added that even in this “fake”video, Pelosi “still outshines” TrumpREAD MORE

SenMartha McSally (R) points to the big monkey in the room that no one wants to talk about.

There is an ongoing disaster at our border — in the past 5 months over 32k migrants have been released into AZ. I support helping those who are impacted by disasters, but won’t ask Arizonans to pay for disasters in other states without funding the disaster in our backyard.

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D) makes the case to be Arizona’s #1 tour guide. If you need to find out where to go in Arizona, Sinema is your point of contact. Need a Grand Canyon tour, call Sinema.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R) is echoing, Rep. Matt Gaetz, President Donald Trump, and many other Republicans, in stating that the real truth behind government corruption will soon be known.

Rep. Raul Grijalva (D) like other Democrats, is blaming Trump and his “foot soldiers” for the deaths of 6 children whose parents dragged across the desert.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

I don’t know why the Radical Left Democrats want Bob Mueller to testify when he just issued a 40 Million Dollar Report that states, loud & clear & for all to hear, No Collusion and No Obstruction (how do you Obstruct a NO crime?) Dems are just looking for trouble and a Do-Over!

Nancy Pelosi @SpeakerPelosi

When the “extremely stable genius” starts acting more presidential, I’ll be happy to work with him on infrastructure, trade and other issues.

Former VP Joe Biden has slipped in the overall polls. Biden’s average lead is 18 points, down two points from last week. Could this be significant move? There is still plenty of time left in the cycle. Remember that.

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