Murcasell-Powell suspects outside forces fueling Ecuador riots


Congresswoman Debbie Murcasel Powell (DFL 26th District) held a meeting at her office to acknowledge the efforts of leaders in the Hispanic community.  Murcasel Powell, who is of Ecuadorian descent, spoke with the ambassador to Ecuador in Washington about the anti-government protests which began when President Lenin Moreno began raising taxes and eliminated a subsidy on the price of fuel causing a sharp price increase.  She spoke to Hispolitica during her meeting, see the interview transcript below.

Rep. Mucarsel Powell: “I spoke with the U.S. ambassador there and the and also the Ecuadorian ambassador that’s here in Washington D.C. to understand exactly what’s happening. This is the most violent protest that we’ve seen in decades. And, they’re very surprised by the level of organization that they’re seeing in these protests. The president from what I hear and gather is not going to change the austerity measures that he’s putting in place, taking away the gas-up cities. So, I support dialogue. I do not in any way approve of any sort of violence in the streets that I’ve seen. And, I know that the indigenous leader has made the same statements. They have the right to organize, they have the right to protest but not the right to bring violence, destroy the streets, vandalism, take officers under their mandate. I mean, I just read yesterday that they had taken some journalists and officers as hostages.

So, I think that they’re investigating where it’s all coming from. I think that we’ve seen in the past that the indigenous people – and they deserve every right to make some ads – I mean, they’ve gone through a history where they’ve been persecuted, their lands have been taken away from them. So, they do carry that, and they have every right to demand equal rights and individual rights and their civil rights, but there’s something else going on that we’re trying to understand.”