A Salute to College Republicans. A Challenge to Intellectual Complacency


As the Impeachment hearings are underway, Americans are bearing witness to our struggle for reasoned argument and the metastasis of myopic partisan blindspots. In the words of Carl Sagan; “If we know only our own side of the argument, we hardly know even that.” An intellect untested by opposition is an intellect unknown. We have yet to live up to America’s true intellectual capacity.

College Republicans are a voice on campus that tells the other side of the story. The integrity of higher education is the beneficiary. A fully operating, event hosting, policy critiquing conservative student organization on any campus is a big deal. At Morehouse College in Atlanta, a historic leader in developing the signature black American male voice, it is a very bid deal. The case for a strong upwardly mobile black America must be laid, weighed and debated. 

The academy still offers the seeds for empowering agendas while others become complacent, and leadership that is willing to stand against the prevailing wind of liberalism. One such student walked the grounds of Morehouse College in the young Martin Luther King Jr. His name sake and Father, a regular at Republican Party conventions, certainly impacted his progeny’s social views and duty to America. How different would the young Morehouse Man’s character have been without his father’s teachings?

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As the Black Voices for Trump campaign initiative rolls out across the nation, having launched from the African American mecca of Atlanta, the special contribution of college surrogates is key to creating an ecosystem of inclusion, innovation and party growth. It places the American Dream on the debate table of ivory towers with enriched contributions and adjusted vision on the road to alliances, freedom, collective action, and independence. 

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If we want to see less government interference in the lives of citizens, smaller, less costly government, sustainable economies, and livable communities, we must build the capacity of people to serve themselves. For far too long, we’ve watched government grow without growing people’s ability to empower their dreams.

College Republicans at Morehouse alumni have gone on to lead from the political consultancies, Governor’s offices, on major media platforms like CNN, and in the halls of Congress in Washington DC. This is more than inclusion or outreach, it is constructive access to perspective leading to the future voices of prominence, praxis, and progress. A government well tested by the brightest minds is a government well known.

To be sure, students at colleges across America who choose to be drum majors leading a different band will face social pressures and tests. College students who believe in America and the character to stand on their values before standing for popularity.

Choosing freedom is essential to producing options that include business ownership and practicing the faith that inspired American families to achieve greatness in face of personal and societal trials. The impeachment hearing of today are history repeating. The D.C. impasse makes clear we are in need of clear thinkers who can usher in 21st century political leadership for a 21st century government. Education that does not deliver a more functional society, better schools, better sense of wellness, acquisition of skills, better economic upward mobility, and a more reasoned U.S. Congress is simply empty ideology

  • Leo Smith, Founder
    Engaged Futures Group LLC