Trump Announces ‘Opening The Country’ Council Focusing on Reopening The U.S. Economy


President Trump confirmed on Friday that he plans to assemble a new council, consisting of administration officials, governors, medical and business leaders to focus on re-opening the U.S. economy once the coronavirus pandemic has eased.

“The facts are going to determine what I do,” Trump told reporters during Friday’s Coronavirus Task Force Briefing. “But we do want to get the country open. So I have a task force, I’ll have a council. It’s going to be announced on Tuesday with names that you have a lot of respect for, a lot of great names. And I want their views on what they think.”

The council, dubbed the “Opening Our Country Council” would include “great business leaders, great doctors, we’re going have a great group of people” from around the country, and it will be separate from the White House Coronavirus Task Force led by Vice President Mike Pence.