Trump Announce 60-Day Suspension on Green Card Seekers


President Trump said his executive order to temporarily suspend immigration amid the coronavirus pandemic into the United States would only apply to individuals seeking permanent residency or green card seekers and the measure will be in effect for 60 days.

“We have a solemn duty to ensure these unemployed Americans regain their jobs and their livelihoods, therefore in order to protect American workers, I will be issuing a temporary suspension of immigration into the United States,” Trump said at the Coronavirus Task Force press briefing Tuesday evening. “This order will only apply to individuals seeking a permanent residency. In other words, those receiving green cards. In other words, those receiving green cards, big factor, will not apply to those entering on a temporary basis.”

Unemployment in the United States have skyrocketed the last three weeks, with more than 22 million Americans are out of a work force since the pandemic was declared a national emergency last month that caused businesses to temporarily shutter or lay off workers.