Biden: Trump Is ‘Responsible’ For Contracting Coronavirus


Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said that President Trump does bear some responsibility for catching COVID-19 last week due to his refusal of not taking social distancing guidelines and not wearing a mask seriously.

“Look, anybody who contracts the virus by essentially saying, ‘masks don’t matter; social distancing doesn’t matter’ — I think is responsible for what happens to them,” Biden said during the NBC News town hall in Miami Monday evening when moderator Lester Holt asked if he agreed with the latest poll stating that 65 percent of Americans believe Trump bore some responsibility for catching the virus.

“They’re taking responsibility that, in fact, they should be held responsible for, because every major scientist and doctor and immunologist has said that’s a very dangerous thing to do,” Biden said. “The particles and droplets can stay in the air for a long time, longer than they thought.”