Could FIFA Lose the World Cup?


In the middle of all of the corruption scandals plaguing FIFA, the Worlds soccer governing body, they are being plotted against and could potentially loose the Worlds largest and most watched television event.

Bribery, corruption, human rights abuses, and unthinkable logistical challenges are plaguing the 2018 and 2022 World Cups in Russia and Qatar respectively. So UEFA, the European governing body is plotting to stage an “Alternative World Cup”, The Independent UK reports.

A World Cup without UEFA would not really be a World Cup, as the reigning  world champions (Germany) and most of the Worlds best teams and players play for European nations. But for UEFA to successfully host an alternative World Cup, they would need to get countries like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and The United States to boycott the 2018 cup in Russia and join them in this alternative tournament. A scenario that seems highly unlikely.