“Illegal Immigrant Children Must be Released” Judge Orders


Judge Dolly M. Gee of Federal District Court for the Central District of California has ordered the Obama administration to release all children of people crossing the border illegally. In the decision, the judge decreed that the detention of children which the Obama administration has been carrying out, violates am obscure court settlement which deals with the living conditions for detention centers.

The New York Times Reports:

The opinion was a significant legal blow to detention policies ordered by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson in response to an influx of children and parents, mostly from Central America, across the border in South Texas last summer. In her 25-page ruling, Judge Gee gave a withering critique of the administration’s positions, declaring them “unpersuasive” and “dubious” and saying officials had ignored “unambiguous” terms of the settlement.

Illinois Congressman Luis Gutierrez applauded the decision via twitter.