Pedro Martinez Just Received The Honor of His Life


As Hispanic Heritage month approaches, Pedro Martinez has just been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. The Red Socks legend is arguably one of the best closers ever in baseball. Born in The Dominican Republic, Martinez becomes one of the 9 hispanic players born outside of the United Stated to be inducted into the HoF.

Martinez told USA Today:

“If you ask how I want to be remembered, don’t remember me by the numbers I posted. Don’t remember me as being part of an elite class. I want to be remembered as a sign of hope for society, so people understand that they have a way out. All they have to do is go work and dedicate themselves and actually try to find the exit that’s out there. I want to represent that, for people to find a better life. It’s a commitment to Latin America. I’m going to be able to showcase how we are and how our people feel.”