House Passes Coronavirus Response Relief Bill


The House in the early hours of Saturday morning passed a sweeping financial relief package to assist people affected by the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The final vote was 363 to 40. All House Democrats supported the plan while 40 Republicans opposed it.  Independent Justin Amash of Michigan voted “present” after he criticized the short timeframe to review the revised bill, tweeting that he was “reading fast.”

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act would create a national paid sick leave policy for the first time – only through this year to address the coronavirus outbreak. Employers with less than 500 workers, as well as government employers, would have to provide two weeks of paid sick leave. The bill would also allow for workers to have up to three months of paid family and medical leave related to being quarantined or caring for children whose schools are closed because of the coronavirus. Workers would receive a benefit from their employers amounting to at least two-thirds of their usual pay.