House Passes Historic $2 Trillion Coronavirus Package Despite 11th Hour Drama


The House of Representatives on Friday overwhelmingly approved the historic $2 trillion stimulus package aimed at jolting the economy from the detrimental impact amid the coronavirus pandemic, overcoming the 11th hour drama that ensued by using an unexpected procedural move to stop an objection of a GOP lawmaker demanding members to vote in person.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) angered lawmakers from both sides of the aisles, as well as President Trump after he threatened to delay the package to pass by unanimous consent. The House Freedom Caucus, objected to the bill in a tweet Thursday, calling it “not a good deal” due to the amount of money it would add to the national debt.

House leaders scheduled Thursday a voice vote to reduce the number of lawmakers who would be forced to return to Washington during the Coronavirus pandemic. Two House members have tested positive for the coronavirus and more than two dozen are self-quarantined. But most lawmakers across the nation including those from coronavirus-ravaged states from New York and California scrambled to return to Washington, D.C to form a quorum to prevent the Kentucky lawmaker’s from trying to hold up the relief passage.