House Passes Democrats Massive $3 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Package


The House Friday evening narrowly passed the massive Democrats’ $3 trillion relief package that would provide billions in bailout to cash-strapped states and local governments, expand direct payment eligibility to undocumented immigrants as well as a list of other Democratic priorities.

The vote was 208-199, largely down party lines. 14 Democrats, a mix of progressive and centrist defected from party leaders and voted in opposition. One Republican — Rep. Peter King of New York broke away from the GOP opposition and voted “yes.”

The 1,815-page Democratic legislation was crafted by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) along with top Democratic committee chairs without any input from Republicans or the Trump administration. The centerpiece of the ‘Phase 4’ stimulus relief bill focuses on providing over $1 trillion relief for struggling states and local governments to help plug budget holes from coronavirus crisis spending and declining tax revenues.