Post Gubernatorial Race Analysis


Prior to election the polls had Crist and Scott neck-and-neck and Election Day definitely was a shock to the Crist campaign but there always has to be a winner and a loser. What is fascinating is clearing off the rubble afterwards and seeing what happened.

That is exactly what OnMessage, Inc. did. They surveyed one thousand voters who participated in November’s election. What they found was the real reason Governor Scott won another term.

Below are the survey’s results divided into different voting categories:

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Hispanics: Governor Scott received forty seven percent of the Hispanic vote which was comprised of sixty five percent Cuban, 40 percent Puerto Rican and forty percent Other. Whereas Charlie Crist received forty nine percent of the Hispanic vote comprised of thirty percent Cuban, fifty seven percent Puerto Rican and fifty seven percent Other. Prior to Election Day it was said Scott was not polling well with Hispanics and that was found to be incorrect.

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Hispanics2(Courtesy of OnMessage, Inc.)

Gender: Governor Scott received fifty two percent of his votes from males and forty four percent of his votes from females. Crist received forty four percent of his votes from males and fifty percent of his votes from females.

males.female2(Courtesy of OnMessage, Inc.)

Seniors: Despite the scare tactics from the left side the seniors came out in full force for the Governor. Governor Scott received forty eight percent of the senior vote whereas Crist received forty seven percent.

seniors1(Courtesy of OnMessage, Inc.)

The bottom line is Governor Rick Scott’s campaign did a better job targeting voters, with their message and getting people to the polls. The post election survey shows the Governor beat Crist at every phrase and was just more effective especially with Hispanic voters.

* The margin of error for the survey is +/- 3.1%.

Nicole Sanders is a thirty-five year old CEO and Graduate Of George Washington University. Her campaign experience includes working on state, local and federal campaigns since 2009 and being an elected county committeewomen for several years in New Jersey. She is well known for her dedication to bring awareness to the voting public and for exposing political corruption.