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Republicans Target Charlie Crist-Lite Democrat Congressional Candidate

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) continues pummeling phony-baloney, moderate-sounding Democrat members of Congress and candidates, with attack ads exposing them for who these Charlie Crist Democrats really are.

The latest NRCC attack ad targets Democrat congressional candidate Gwen Graham, who just happens to have been endorsed by Charlie Crist.

Graham has been trying to fool Floridians to believe that she is a moderate candidate, but anyone who is receives a full-throated endorsement by the uber-liberal and pro-abortion group, Emily’s list, can hardly be thought of as being anything less than “feminazi” liberal.

Graham is challenging Republican Congressman Steve Southerland in Florida’s 2nd congressional district.

Southerland is expected to win his seat, but that hasn’t stopped the DCCC from stepping up their efforts to take that seat back.
Southerland defeated Democrat Congressman Alan Boyd in 2010.

Gwen Graham is trying to deceive voters into thinking she is focused on North Florida. In reality, Gwen has taken thousands of dollars from Nancy Pelosi and has promised to be complacent in the battle against bad policies like Obamacare. One thing is very clear – Gwen Graham’s liberal politics are not the North Florida way.”-NRCC

Read more about Democrat Gwen Graham and her liberal leanings.

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