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Rubio Confronts President Obama About Cuba

President Obama had announced on December 17, 53 political prisoners from Cuba would be liberated as part of negotiations with Castro. Today, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) highlighted the administration’s inability to provide clarity on the fate of the prisoners. He also continued to show his disapproval of President Obama’s effort to normalize relations with the country.

In a letter to Obama he urged him to cancel the U.S. – Cuba normalization talks which are scheduled for later this month. He also asked for clarity about what will happen to the political prisoners when they are released. The following is from his letter:

While I believe that the entirety of your new Cuba policy is overwhelmingly one-sided in the Castro regime’s favor and based on the flawed premise that giving it more legitimacy and money will result in a freer Cuban people, the least your Administration can do now is hold the regime accountable for fully freeing these 53 prisoners as well as those who have been detained in recent weeks.

A pdf of the entire letter can be found here.

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Senator Rubio has been against President Obama’s being Casto’s new BFF since the beginning. In the beginning of December we reported how he gave a reporter a smack down when they asked him how he could support his current position on Cuba. You can read the article here and watch the video below.

Back in 2013 we reported what Senator Marco Rubio said at the Cuba-Democracy PAC luncheon in Miami. Once again he expressed his dislike for Castro and the way he runs the country and he mocked his colleagues that took annual trips to Cuba only to come back and say we need to change our policy towards the country. He said:

Cuba’s not a zoo, where you pay an admission ticket, you go in and you get to watch people living in cages, to see how they are suffering. Cuba is not a field trip.

You can read the rest of that article here.

Lastly, we reported how he initially felt when President Obama disclosed he wanted to normalize relations with the communist regime. Rubio sent out a press release that said the following about the president:

(Obama) should be ashamed of legitimizing and empowering the Castro’s.

Rubio continued to point out how the Castro regime had made a mockery out of the presidents proposed US-Cuba policy because it did not demand that Castro changed his ways.

You can read the rest of that article here.

One thing is for certain, Senator Rubio is not going to change his position in regards to Cuba anytime soon. He will continue to fight for human rights and keep the President on his toes as he tries to thwart the President’s fondness of the Castro’s.

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