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Welcome to the Mexican Election Circus

If you thought the 2016 GOP primary was a circus act, wait until you get a load of the 2015 Mexican parliamentary and local elections. Mexican president, Enrique Pena Nieto has characterized the June 7th Elections as a “referendum on his administration”.

So what will it say about the Nieto administration if a circus clown wins a mayoral race? Yes a real circus clown. Guillermo Cienfuegos or Lagrimita, as he is known to Mexican children everywhere, is running for mayor of Guadalajara under the slogan…..wait for it…” It’s time for a real clown to govern”. According to Al-Jazera America, he is picture in a political ad wearing a purple nose, red suit and stripped bowtie.

But Lagrimita is not the only unconventional candidate in the upcoming elections. Dani Ferrero writes:

Soap opera actors, comedians, soccer celebrities and a swearing rancher in cowboy boots have all thrown their hats into the race for a seat among the rich and powerful of Mexico’s controversial political class. They are presenting themselves as an alternative at the polls either as independents or as political newcomers.

So there are a myriad of personalities running for various seats in the Mexican government, so maybe, given the Mexican political and cultural climate of turmoil, a little comedy may be just what the doctor ordered for our southern neighbor.

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