Marco’s Secret Weapon?


You’ve hear the old-tired line ever since the 2008 election. “Republicans need to appeal to youth and minorities”, candidates on the GOP side have tried anything and everything, except something that may actually work. They’ve launched cool websites with old policies on them, they have put young kids and minorities on TV to represent their positions, which haven’t changed, and tried every other conventional “trick in the book”. Always coming up short.

Enter Marco Rubio and who could become his secret weapon. Better known as Pitbull or Mr. Worldwide, Armando Christian Perez has been courted by the GOP ever since it became known that he is a strong school choice advocate. But only Marco Rubio is on a first name basis with him.

Jeb Bush, the other candidate from Florida, is actively trying to court the popular rapper, but given the generational divide, it’s hard to see Pitbull break-it-down at the GOP convention if Jeb becomes the nominee. Marco Rubio, on the other hand, is on a first name basis with Mr. 305, has intimate knowledge of his whereabouts, and are known to be close friends.