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Brazil And U.S. Mend Strained Relationship

One of the U.S. spying secret admissions that originated from former NSA analyst Edward Snowden was that the government agency was keeping tabs on the Brazilian government.

The news of the spying forced Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to cancel a trip to Washington, D.C, and created a deep diplomatic rift between the two nations.

Now it appears as if all is well between the U.S. and Brazil, as both Rousseff and President Obama stood alongside one another in the White House to discuss foreign policy, but mainly to talk about working together to address climate change.

Obama y Rousseff, que se reunieron este viernes en la Casa Blanca, acordaron “trabajar juntos y con otros aliados para resolver los obstáculos potenciales hacia un acuerdo de París ambicioso y equilibrado”, que refleje “responsabilidades comunes pero diferenciadas según las distintas circunstancias nacionales”.-Univision

Rousseff said that her visit to the White House was to “relaunch” the relationship both countries once held.



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