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El Chapo Plays Catch-Up in Mexican Drug Trade

After 17 months in a Mexican jail, El Chapo Guzman is understandably a little bit behind. He and his band of thugs at the Sinaloa Carter are trying to play catch up to recover the ground they lost during his time in the slammer.

The AP has learned that even though Guzman was not in direct and public control of the cartel, he was still able to give directions to the people in charge via a cell phone provided by prison guards, and via the frequent lawyer visits.

However, below the surface, things are a mess for the criminal empires operation in Mexico, and one has to wonder if El Chapo is going to settle scores. Fox News Latino reports:

Rival cartels have been vanquished, and infighting among factions in Guzmán’s own Sinaloa gang has killed dozens in the resort area of La Paz and Los Cabos on the Baja peninsula. A new and rapidly strengthening international cartel is waging a fierce battle against soldiers and police in western Mexico, even using a rocket-propelled grenade to force down a helicopter — a style at odds with Guzmán’s more corporate-like Sinaloa. Other Mexican or Colombian cartels working with street gangs in Central America may have stolen some of Guzmán’s transit routes.

One thing is for sure. In a country with a struggling economy, where tourism plays such a big part of the GDP, the last thing the people of Mexico need is a very bloody drug war.

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