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House Democrats push for Trump’s tax returns

One of financial requirements that members of congress and the President of the United States must fulfill, is  having the disclosure how many assets they have, and how much each of those assets is worth.

The individuals are not obligated to divulge their federal income tax reports, but congressional Democrats are eager to see how much President Trump has made over the past 10 years.

Chances are that Trump will not volunteer his tax returns, so Democrats have introduced the For The People Act, a bill aimed to force the president to show how much he has made in the years leading up to his presidency.

The bill calls for other things to me addressed, including voting right provisions and ethics reform, but forcing Trump to hand over those tax returns is the focal point of the bill.

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Arizona Congressman and former U.S. Marine Ruben Gallego (D), a member of the House Hispanic Caucus, is one of those Democrats pushing bill to be passed.

Gallego (pictured) states that “Republicans broke” the American Democracy, and that his political party is ready to “fix it with the #ForThePeople Act.”

The fundamental right to cast a ballot is under attack and too often big money special interests drown out the voices of hard working Americans. Republicans broke our democracy. Democrats are ready to fix it with the #ForThePeople Act.

Because there is no love lost between Democrats and the Trump Administration, the bill is expected to sail through the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

The bill will fail in the Senate, and will never reach Trump’s desk, but a statement will have been made by congressional Democrats.

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