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Cruz Tries to Stop Illegal Amnesty by Releasing a Powerful New Video

Senator Ted Cruz (R-FL) released a powerful video today in an effort to stop illegal amnesty. He started off his speech by saying:

We are today facing a full fledged constitutional crisis. Twenty-two times President Obama admitted he has no constitutional authority to unilaterally grant amnesty.

Cruz also called President Obama a “monarch” who is refusing to follow the rules and claimed:

Amnesty is fundamentally unfair to the millions of legal immigrants who followed the rules and came here legally.

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He is right. Millions of immigrants have came here legally. My family came here legally from Italy and Ireland. I also know many immigrants of Spanish decent who came here legally as well. Why should illegal immigrants be allotted the same privileges when they in turn broke the law?

If you agree, join Senator Cruz and hash tag #StopObamasAmnesty. Let’s send a message to Washington that we do not want our taxpayer dollars paying for people who do not follow the rules.


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Nicole Carroll

Nicole Sanders is a thirty-five year old CEO and Graduate Of George Washington University. Her campaign experience includes working on state, local and federal campaigns since 2009 and being an elected county committeewomen for several years in New Jersey. She is well known for her dedication to bring awareness to the voting public and for exposing political corruption.

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