Manjarres: Obama Used to be a Muslim…


America’s Forum on NewsMaxTV featured our Managing Editor, Javier Manjarres and Host of The Good Fight, Ben Wikler. They debated the White House’s weak response in regards to the radical terrorist attacks in Paris and the immigration vote in the House yesterday. The passed bill would defund President Obama’s dictator immigration bill.

When it came to the White House’s weak response in regards to the attacks in Paris, Wikler tried to justify their actions by saying the terrorists want to be identified as radical and Muslims. He believes they hate the fact the White House is not calling them out as they would like to be identified and it offends them. The host jumped in and said he did not think that was true. He thinks if anything the terrorists laugh at the fact the White House is trying to be so politically correct.

Manjarres’ opinion was he believes Obama is sympathetic to the Islam’s and this is why:

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. . . remember he used to be a Muslim for a good part of his life or a majority of his life and now he is a Christian.

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Next, they discussed the bill that was passed in the House yesterday that would defund Obama’s amnesty bill.

Wikler said the illegal immigrants are all ready paying taxes and it will not really matter when the immigration reform is put into motion. He also said a lot of the immigrants who came here legally want reform and they are excited to see it implemented. That hit a nerve with both Manjarres and the host.

Manjarres asked him just what taxes they were paying exacting except sales tax when they buy a candy bar at a quickie mart.

Lets be honest, Democrats only want to grant amnesty to get votes. All one has to do is look up the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 which was signed into law by President Ronald Reagan. It was supposed to be the end all, do all in regards to illegal immigration and it just made it worse. Also, it created a lot more Democratic voters which in turn made the red state of California, blue.

To watch the full exchange click on the video below:





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