The 2016 Silver Bullet


So much is made about immigration and the hispanic vote. However, historically education has always been the most important issue for hispanics in the United States, even in the 2012 election. So if the hispanic vote is really all that important in 2016, and the democrats cannot with without it, are they on the right side of the most important issue for hispanics? Where do the Republicans sit? Can they take advantage?

Some of the numbers are staggering. According to the American Federation for Children, a mind blowing 91% of hispanics in Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, New Jersey and Nevada, believe there should be more choice and more school vouchers available to the general public.

Common Core will also play a large role in the education debate in 2016. While most hispanic organizations like La Raza are in favor of the controversial federal program, many hispanic parents  oppose the standards. Nathalie Rey, a hispanic mother of three in Miami told Hispolitica: